We seek to deliver superior returns for our investors by partnering with a select number of great companies with first-class management teams where our capital and investment experience can support continued growth and value creation.

Lower middle market focus. 

Our principals have almost 100 years of collective experience investing in and working with lower middle market companies. We understand these companies and have firsthand experience solving the challenges they encounter throughout their growth and development. We are experienced in helping businesses institutionalize their procedures and operations in preparation for the next phase of the corporate lifecycle or for their investors’ ultimate exit.

Long-term partner, value-added approach. 

We take a long-term view to each of our portfolio companies, with the goal of building value over time. We recognize that the best partners are flexible and responsive to dynamic business environments. We identify strong companies with experienced management and well-formulated strategies and provide the funding, guidance, and relationships to execute them. We support our partners’ efforts to grow their businesses by providing strategic and corporate planning, operational support, best-practices insights, and an experienced sounding board at the Executive and Board of Directors level. We have invested in over 90 companies in a range of industries, and are able to bring a large network of valuable contacts and relationships to each situation.

Flexible and creative structuring. 

As seasoned middle market investors, we have lived and invested through several economic cycles and have invested across the capital structure. We understand how critical unfettered and direct access to flexible growth capital is to the success of a small business. We take pride in offering a creative structuring approach to ensure access to capital is not an impediment to the health of the business. Each investment we make is tailored to the facts and circumstances of the transaction in order to maximize operating flexibility.

Efficient process and monitoring. 

The small size of our team enables us to respond quickly and to deploy capital efficiently. Multiple members of our investment committee are involved in the early stages of each investment, providing a streamlined investment process. Once an investment is made, the same members of the team that executed the investment remain involved to support and help grow the company.